I'm Julia Williams.

a web developer.



My name is Julia Williams and I am a born and raised farm girl in southeastern Ontario, Canada. I live on my parent's farm with my horse Zephyr, 30+ sheep, and my ball python, Wizzle!

I started learning to code in July of 2021. I was looking into remote jobs as I wanted to transition out of my retail job into something that is challenging, rewarding and fun.

I stumbled across coding and the coding bootcamp SheCodes. I completed the Introduction to Coding three week course on August 9th 2021. I then purchased a couple of courses on Udemy about Python and advanced web development and started those. I just completed the Front End Developer track in Skillcrush's Break Into Tech Program, and am looking to land a Front End Web Developer role.

Three fun facts about me:

My Projects

These are the projects I have worked on so far!
These projects were created with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and React.

Project: Diana Grant Nutrition

See the live app here

The crown jewel of my portfolio! This was a project I took from 0-100. I collaborated with Diana to come up with mood boards in Canva, a custom logo, and a beautiful UI in Figma. I used HTML5, CSS3, and a sprinkle of JavaScript to bring this holistic nutritionist's website to life!

Project: Colouring Page

See the live app here

I created this project for Mintbean.io's Hiring Hackathon in November of 2021. This interactive page lets you select a colour, and change the part of the flower to that colour when you click on it. This was my first project using React!

Project: New Employee Form

See the live app here

I created this employee form in React for a take home coding assignment where you can select a country and fill out the required fields for a new employee in said country.

Project: HTML Email Campaign

See the live app here

This was my very first HTML email that I created for a coding test. I added in my own images that I found on Pixabay and chose colours that went with the theme of the test. I am pleased with how this turned out!

Project: Guess the Word Game

See the live app here

This app lets users play a word game similar to playing Hangman as kids. You only have 8 guesses to get the word right! I used an API to fetch more than 800 words for this game. This is my mom's favourite game to play right now!

Project: Unplugged Retreats

website img
See the live website here

This website uses responsive design to create a beautiful UI. Media queries and breakpoints were added to allow a seamless user experience whether they are viewing on a mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Project: Sticky Notes

See the live app here

Similar to the Name Tag Generator project, this app allows the user to create, delete, and search through their own personal sticky notes.

Project: Name Tags

See the live app here

This is an interactive app where the user can create and delete their own personal name tags. I added my own personal touch to this project after I was finished!

My Skills

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  • ChromeDevTools
  • CodeSandbox
  • FTP
  • Hosting
  • Git
  • Github
  • GIMP
  • Responsive Design
  • Slack
  • Windows Powershell
  • Zoom

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • React